Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) About the Datavision AVA System

1. What is the major advantage of a Datavision AVA system?

Speed. The AVA can process a registered patient in about one minute. It can process an unregistered patient in less than three minutes. It does everything associated with providing a vaccine automatically except to inoculate the patient. This includes scheduling follow up appointments, sending emails, keeping logs for all vaccines, keeping track of inventory, preparing Vaccine Screening and Inoculation Reports, keeping track of patient activity, etc.

2. Is the AVA cost effective?

Yes. It will pay for itself after the first 75 vaccinations.

3. How quickly can I get one?

Two weeks. We include free shipping via 2-day Fed Ex and we pay the state taxes. We accept credit cards and can also arrange to bill you.

4. Is the data secure?

Yes. All data is HIPAA Compliant. Local data is stored off line in a password protected encrypted database. Online data is secured by a 128 bit encryption plan and is backed up by AWS, one of the world’s most trusted database providers. Local data may be backed up to a USB stick or external hard drive.

5. Is a network necessary for the AVA to operate?

No. The AVA uses a network if you want to share information between other AVA tablets, if you want to use a network printer, and if you want to receive program updates. If no network is available, the system will still run and will use an internal database to store information. If you print a report it will print to the disk drive for later printing. You can direct connect a printer to the device via the USB connector.

6. How complicated is it to give a vaccine?

For registered patients, press RECEIVE VACCINE, Enter the phone number, Press OK, and it’s done (takes about one minute).
For Unregistered and walk in patients, press REGISTER FOR VACCINE, key in phone number, fill out patient data and health questions, press OK. The AVA will automatically schedule the patient for the earliest appointment available the next day. An Email will automatically remind the patient of the date for the vaccine. If desired the patient can get the vaccine immediately and the appointment will be updated for the second vaccine. A new Email will be sent for the second Vaccine date.

To vaccinate a registered patient, have the patient press RECEIVE VACCINE and follow the one minute process. The entire process takes about two-three minutes to register and one minute to receive the vaccination, The AVA system will take care of the rest of the administrative work.

7. If I start with one tablet and then I want to add more, how does the data stored off line get integrated into the new system?

When you add a second or more tablets you should order a GroupID. This ID costs $200 per year and can allow all the tablets in a single location to share data. The AVA has a menu item to allow you to back up your locally stored data once per day. It also has a menu item to allow you to copy the existing offline database to an online AWS database that can be shared with any tablet having the same GroupID.

8. Does the AVA have any use after the COVID-19 pandemic is over?

Yes, In the future, plans are to provide vaccination tracking services for 20 or more common vaccinations currently available. If the government decides to offer booster shots or other vaccine supplements the AVA system is automatically updated each time it is turned on.

9. How many patient records can be stored?

In an offline mode, hundreds of thousands. In an online mode, millions. The AWS on line database is configured as an encrypted HIPAA compliant database capable of BURST mode to handle hundreds of users quickly and efficiently. Off line databases can be backed up to an external hard drive for unlimited use.

10. How complicated is it to install?

Open the box, plug it in, turn it on and it’s ready to go. We recommend you connect to a local network and choose a printer from the AVA menu. The system will ask for store (provider) information and a clinician’s signature. You also have to provide Vaccination inventory information. If you want to store data in the online database and talk with other tablets then just enter the GroupID (provided in the box when you order one).

After that you are ready to go. Total setup is about 5 minutes.

11. How is information shared among tablets?

When a group ID is purchased a part of the AWS database is dedicated to processing only tablet data from that GroupID. So, if you are a school district data from all the schools in your district is shared between any tablet having the Group ID you purchased. You can track vaccine inventory levels for your entire district, for example. There are so many options, just call us to discuss.

12. How can I find out more information?

We have an online manual. There is an 8 minute PowerPoint presentation on our website. www.DatavisionImage.Com. Signup for our new Email service that will announce new features as they become available. The best way is to just call us at 949 429 8175 and we will be happy to answer any questions.